Bas Martens

Hi, I’m Bas, founder of Empirehive

Since my teen years I’ve always had the urge to improve or optimize things I was using. After many years I finally had the guts and had to come up with a business plan to start my own. I quickly found out marketing was the way to go cause I loved reading all those interesting “passive income” blogs of already established marketers, as well as tweaking and optimizing websites.

As I was figuring out what road to choose, I suddenly had the well known eureka moment. I found out that my own problem was the answer…

I was always searching for the best guides and tutorials about starting an online business. And like many many others, I was lost in the woods because of the neverending flood of information. And since I’m a perfectionist I was always looking for a better and/or more efficient way to achieve my goals.

So at my eureka moment I thought….. why not create a website with all the information I have searched for myself and centralize it for others to read and learn, just like I did.

So here it is… Empirehive, like a hive full of information to start your own empire.